Mission Statement

The stated mission of the LGA is:

To foster the enhancement and expansion of amateur golf through the development of member and information services, the promotion of opportunities for all who want to play, and the protection of the game’s integrity and valued traditions.


Over the course of the last eighteen years the LGA has grown from an organization that simply existed to conduct its statewide amateur championships to a full-service state golf association that strives to accomplish its stated mission.  While the LGA provides numerous peripheral benefits and services to approximately 100 Member Clubs and 18,000 individual members its core services include the following:


  • The provision of USGA approved course and slope rating services to all Louisiana golf courses.  These course and slope rating services (which also includes tee-to-green course measurement), are valued at a minimum of $3,500 and are provided free to LGA Member Clubs.  The LGA is the only organization in Louisiana licensed by the USGA to provide these services. 
  • Administration of 28 LGA Championship events and LGA and USGA qualifiers.  This, the LGA’s original service, is still an extremely important one which the organization continually strives to upgrade in order to enhance the competitive experience for its tournament players.  
  • The LGA provides oversight and administration of the USGA Handicap System in Louisiana.  Again, just as with course and slope rating services, the LGA is the only association licensed by the USGA to provide handicapping services to clubs in Louisiana.
  • Upholding the integrity of the Rules of Golf and the Rules of Amateur Status.  If you have a question about whether some activity might violate the rules of amateur status, or you need a quick interpretation of an obscure rule, the LGA is the organization you’re going to call.


These services are the nucleus of what the LGA does.  Without the LGA and its services there would be no benchmark from which to compute a USGA Handicap Index (your Handicap Index is based upon the USGA course and slope rating system) nor would there be an entity to oversee the Amateur game in Louisiana.  And, while the LGA has no formal tie to the USGA, that organization sincerely looks to the LGA to govern the Amateur game here.  The LGA is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the game and its valued traditions (...remember the LGA’s mission statement...).  Just as the USGA carries out these responsibilities on a national level, the LGA does the same in its area of jurisdiction (i.e., Louisiana). 

These core services are extremely important to the maintenance of the game we all love and the LGA is committed to upholding its responsibilities in all of these areas.  In addition, the LGA also feels a strong responsibility to create additional access to the game for both its new players and longtime members; as well as to create additional benefits to its Member Clubs and individual members.