November 13, 2018 — Lafayette, Louisiana

The Louisiana Golf Association (LGA) unveiled its new logo on Tuesday. “The updated logo ushers in a new era of golf in Louisiana,” said LGA Executive Director Logan Ray. “The unification with the Louisiana Women’s Golf Association has positioned the LGA to better serve all golfers in Louisiana, and as such, we needed a logo that reflects this exciting opportunity.” The modernization of the LGA’s logo removes the silhouette of a male golfer and replaces it with a flagstick that bisects the state. The iconic outline of the state of Louisiana is still the focal point of the logo.

The LGA’s recognizable green and gold color scheme will remain, but adjustments have been made so that the new logo will have a green outer ring and the state of Louisiana will shine in gold. “Since 1920” continues to be inscribed across the base of the logo, an important detail that will be highlighted during the LGA’s centennial year in 2020.

The newly released logo will replace all existing logos effective immediately.

About the LGA

The Louisiana Golf Association is a non-profit organization founded in 1920. The stated mission of the LGA is: “To foster the enhancement and expansion of amateur golf through the development of member and information services, the promotion of opportunities for all who want to play, and the protection of the game’s integrity and valued traditions.” The LGA is comprised of approximately 14,000 members and 85-member clubs. The LGA is an Allied Golf Association of the United States Golf Association (USGA). The LGA conducts fifteen state championships, eight USGA qualifiers, and nine events on the Louisiana Junior Golf Tour schedule.