Become An Individual Sponsor

About the Louisiana Golf Association:

The LGA is the governing body for amateur golf in Louisiana and exists to foster the enhancement and expansion of amateur golf through the development of member and information services, the promotion of opportunities for all who want to play, and the protection of the game’s integrity and valued traditions.

Individual Sponsorship Program Benefits:

By becoming an individual sponsor (or renewing your sponsorship) today {as either a Silver ($35) or Gold ($100) Sponsor} you’ll receive the satisfaction of directly supporting the LGA and all its programs as well as a copy of the current USGA Rules of Golf.  Silver Sponsors will also receive a black 11 oz. coffee cup embossed with the LGA logo reflecting their LGA sponsorship and a three month trial subscription to Golfweek magazine.  Gold Sponsors, in addition to all of the Silver Sponsor benefits mentioned above, will receive a tan LGA logoed CUT2FIT belt with a brushed silver buckle and a full year’s subscription to Golfweek.                                                     

The LGA supports the game in a vast number of ways, including; 1) conducting 28 LGA and USGA Championship and qualifying events, 2) providing consistency in handicapping statewide through our LGA Handicap Network, a program that provides hardware and software systems to its participant clubs, 3) administering the USGA Course and Slope Rating program in Louisiana, 4) Clearinghouse for the USGA Rules of Golf and Amateur Status, as well as a myriad of other benefits and services to our Member Clubs and their members.  Through your support, you’ll continue to help the LGA grow the game through these initiatives and also help preserve the true spirit of the game that means so much to us all. 

Silver Sponsor – $35 ($50 value)

    A copy of the 2016-17 USGA Rules of Golf
    Three month trial subscription to GolfWeek magazine
    Priority emails with entry forms to LGA Championship events
    A black 11 oz. coffee cup with LGA logo
    The satisfaction of directly supporting the LGA in its initiatives to grow the game of golf

Gold Sponsor – $100 ($150 value)

    You will receive all the benefits of a Silver Sponsorship plus:
    A tan LGA logoed CUT2FIT belt with a brushed silver buckle and a yearly subscription to GolfWeek magazine (instead of three month trial)